Now that Midsomer Murders has passed its centenary, with a hugely popular Scandinavian team up episode, there is a vast back catalogue of episodes and actors under its belt. Scores of top actors have appeared in the show over the years, some of whom have gone on to be hugely successful.

Orlando Bloom appeared in an early episode and even Superman himself, British actor Henry Cavill, showed up in one episode a few series back.

So, with all this Midsomer trivia flying around, it was about time that somebody composed a Midsomer Murders quiz. That’s what the Mirror online have done, allowing you to test your knowledge of the show going back to its first episode in 1997, The Killing at Badgers Drift.

The quiz tests your in depth knowledge of the show, calling on all your memory power to recall information about past episodes and plot lines. With such a wealth of material to go through, it’s not easy to remember it all. Test yourself here and let us know how you got on below. There are 20 questions in all and some of them are quite tricky. We’ve also given you a few answers in the text above so it will show how closely you’ve been paying attention.

Of course, there are certain things that every Midsomer fan should know, such as where the series is shot and largely filmed. The show has become associated so closely with the Southern Oxfordshire countryside and villages these days, that it has become an integral part of many storylines.

So, take the test and see how well you know your Midsomer Murders. And if you don’t get 100% maybe it’s time to crack open the old box sets once again and do some revision.