Ever fancied owning some of the clothing and costumes worn in Midsomer Murders? Well you could have your big chance this week as on the 14 and 15 of March there is a large fashion show and sale exclusively of clothes worn by characters on the show.

Helen and Douglas House, a children’s and young people’s hospice located in Oxford, is attempting to raise money for its specialist services. Very kindly, the people at Bentley Productions, the company that makes Midsomer Murders has donated thousands of costumes used in the show. In total they reckon they have about five series worth to go through.

Sykes the dog Wikimedia image by MiyagawaAn invitation only fashion show will take place this Friday followed by a chance to buy the costumes before they go on sale to the general public over the weekend. There are 200 tickets available on a first come, first served basis so don’t delay.

All of the clothes have been worn on the show and some of them by very notorious characters. You can even find costumes worn by the infamous clown murderer (known to all serious MIdsomer fans).

The show is being covered by the local media and there are even plans for a special guest appearance by Sykes the dog on the Saturday. This is sure to be a real treat for fans and hopefully will raise lots of money for a really great cause.

The show is filmed in and around Southern Oxfordshire, as most fans know, and the clothing event is taking place in Aylesbury this weekend so don’t miss it. Who knows what you might be able to get your hands on?