One hour walking trails of Midsomer towns

South Oxfordshire towns and villages appear regularly on TV screens in countries worldwide, each time an episode of Midsomer Murders shows. In many countries it is known simply as Barnaby after the lead character, but the locations - well they stay the same no matter what the programme is called. There are driving tours around the Midsomer Murders’ Oxfordshire locations, and now some of the frequently used locations have free leaflets available for walking trails around Midsomer towns and villages. These are large files and will take some time to download.

The Wallingford Connections

Fans of Midsomer Murders will recognise Wallingford as Causton, the capital of fictitious Midsomer County and the chief town where the show’s main characters Detective(s) Barnaby and Sgt(s) Gavin Troy, Ben Jones and newest recruit Charlie Nelson work from.

Download a copy of Wallingford’s main filmed locations (PDF, 700kb) and you too can sit on the bench in the Market Place outside Causton Town Hall and Causton Playhouse, just like John Nettles did.

Dorchester-on-Thames and Warborough

Dorchester-on-Thames and Warborough are two villages familiar with the Midsomer Murders camera crews, location trucks and on-screen faces wandering around. Both are frequently used for filming and have combined to produce a handy map leaflet of locations available locally in South Oxfordshire.

You can download a copy of the leaflet here (PDF, 800kb).


Thame has a free Midsomer Murders walking trail (PDF, 1006kb) covering the many locations found here. Like Wallingford, Thame also features as Causton and recently overtook Wallingford’s claim to the title as most filmed Causton. Thame’s distinctive town hall often features as Causton Arts Centre as well as Causton Town Hall.

The town’s acting credentials received an early boost since legend has it that William Shakespeare also visited during his time as a strolling player.


Henley-on-Thames is not a town to miss a party and becomes the latest Oxfordshire location to create a walking tour around the town centre’s filmed premises, including the iconic market square, Henley bridge and riverside.

You can even seek out Barnaby’s brass plaque in a local pub. Also features other nearby filmed locations like Grey’s Court.

You can download a copy of the Henley-on-Thames walking trail (PDF, 1.7mb) leaflet here.


Walking through Watlington is like being in a scene from the fictitious Midsomer. The ‘wonderfully rural’ town has traditional pubs, stone churches and thatched barns plus one or two ghosts of its own. Located in the heart of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Watlington’s Midsomer locations’ trail (PEF, 2.8mb) links the main filmed buildings, and while you’re there, look out for locally produced food and drink bearing the ‘Made in Midsomer’ label.