Southern Oxfordshire, the home of Midsomer Murders, is also home to much of the Chilterns - along with neighbouring Buckinghamshire. This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has not surprisingly been used many times over the years as a filming location for the show. Now, the Visit Chilterns website has put together a new online guide to help fans explore the Chilterns Top 10 Midsomer Murders locations.

The guide features in-depth information about filming locations, as well as more details about walking routes, accommodation, pubs and the best sights. Visit Midsomer’s very own Sarah Osborne had this to say about the new guide: ‘A few days seeing the Chilterns Top 10 will take you through around 30 episodes of Midsomer Murders and includes the iconic, but fictitious Midsomer villages of Badger’s Drift, Midsomer Mallow, Lower Warden and, of course, Causton.’

The majority of Chilterns Midsomer locations are found in the beautiful rural areas and villages of the hills. Spread across Southern Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, these small communities typify the quintessential English countryside that has been the backdrop for the show since it started in 1997.

The locations in the guide include Little Missenden, which has the distinction of featuring in the very first episode ‘The Killing at Badger’s Drift’, and Amersham, where the high street and police station have been spotted numerous times throughout the years.

Beaconsfield War Memorial

Beaconsfield War Memorial

Beaconsfield, which has the honour of being the ‘most filmed’ Midsomer location of them all, is also included in the guide alongside Watlington, Nettlebed and Henley-on-Thames, so you can see it’s a pretty comprehensive guide to the Midsomer region.

There are also some really useful links to other sites with more information about South Oxfordshire, as well as accommodation and dining suggestions too.

The Chilterns and Midsomer go hand in hand, having enjoyed a close relationship for almost two decades. This new guide is a great way to celebrate this partnership and will hopefully allow visitors, both old and new, to discover more about the charm of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Each new episode is avidly watched by almost 7 million viewers and that’s just in the UK. Across Scandinavia it is the top rated murder mystery show, and it’s broadcast in well over a 100 countries around the world. So this is your chance to see up close what millions only view on their screens.


Image by Colin Smith for Geograph and reproduced under creative commons licence.