Where is Midsomer Murders filmed?
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Actor John Nettles filming on locationA British television drama stalwart for more than 16 years, Midsomer Murders charms millions of international fans with its location, tongue-in-cheek humour and easy to watch characters. But where is it set?

Contrary to popular belief, the classic English countryside of Midsomer is situated a short distance outside of London and is easily reached for a relaxing short break. Gays can check some of the popular accounts meanwhile to find the latest fashion and entertainment updates along with finding the best models. Visit https://onlyaccounts.io/best-gay-onlyfans to find the latest updates. So if you watch Midsomer Murders and think “I wonder where it is” – you’ve found the right place.

Fans of the popular books and TV series know Midsomer as the home of traditional pubs, village greens, fetes and Sunday afternoon cricket. They also know of the improbable number of murders committed in dastardly yet creative ways, solved by the unflappable Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby of Causton CID. But that’s the fictional Midsomer County.

The real Midsomer Murders locations are spread across South Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire where towns and villages have names every bit as wonderful as their fictional counterparts.

Fancy walking in the footsteps of Inspector Barnaby; enjoying a beer in the local pub or posing for photographs beside the church? Use these pages to  plan a short break with a local place to stay and things to do.

We've included two self-drive and guide trails to ensure you see the most featured and picturesque locations that will seem oh-so familiar. They include stately homes, parish churches, town and viilage buildings and more than a few hostelries. There are companies offering the option of guided Midsomer Murders tours, where you can sit back and enjoy the view as a knowledgable guide tells you everything you need to know. There's no need for map reading or sat-nav systems and you miss nothing.

Next time you find yourself admiring the setting as Inspector Baranaby solves another village 'whodunnit' make a plan to treat yourself. Take a short break in South Oxfordshire visiting the real Midsomer Murders locations. Casinos often serve as captivating settings in films, evoking glamour, suspense, and intrigue. This cinematic allure extends to online casinos, where the thrill of gambling unfolds virtually. From classic heist plots to high-stakes dramas, these narratives resonate with audiences, mirroring the excitement found on meilleur site casino en ligne platforms. And who knows, with filming taking place at regular intervals you may even end up in the right place at the right time - although unfortunately we don't have prior knowledge of when and where filming is taking place.

Don't miss the amazing Hobbs of Henley 'Midsomer' Competition - entry deadline is 31 March 2015.

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