Well, today was the final episode for John Nettles in Midsomer Murders. Here’s a collection of the funniest tweets from the series’ followers. If you are new to this site, look around. It features all the locations used in the filming and plenty of background information. Enjoy!

@Tourigon ahh, Midsomer Murders tonight - excellent sock knitting television.

@MrLemonDrizzle: Midsomer Murders ends as the police reveal their new crime statistics website - surely not a coincidence?
@markgrayling Midsomer should distort the crime map after tonight.

@Jaynecollinsmac: Actually think MidSomer looks like a lovely place to spend a weekend just need good life insurance!

@VisitMidsomer: Yes, it’s on. Kettle boiled just in time for last ever #Midsomer Murders with John Nettles. Hobnob anyone?

@Neil_Skinner: John Nettles’ last #Midsomer Murders tonight. Must have run out of victims…

@livetoloaf: Barnaby and Troy should conduct every investigation naked from the waist down, and wearing buckets on their heads.

@falstaffstudios Tonight we say a fond goodbye to DCI Tom Barnaby of Midsomer who created more spirits for psychics to talk with than any other TV detective