When you’re watching Midsomer Murders, it is sometimes easy to forget what decade it is you are living in. That is not to say that Midsomer is old-fashioned (people being bumped off on such a scale was never that fashionable in England) but rather that it has a timeless quality.

It feels like it could be any time in the past, present or future. That’s because the emphasis is not on the era but on the timeless themes of intrigue and mystery. We don’t watch it because of the futuristic gadgets or modernist narrative and cinematic techniques. We love it because it delivers great stories, every single time.

However, there is one place in Southern Oxfordshire where you might actually be able to take a step back into history. This Saturday 8 September is the Henley Show. The event, which has been held more or less every year since 1898, takes place at the Henley showground near Hambleden.

Visitors will be able to see the latest farm machinery and get an idea of modern farming techniques. But the real stars of the show will undoubtedly be in the parade of farm machinery through the ages. These vintage and classic tractors will give you some idea of how farming used to be done. Seeing some of these incredible and beautiful machines and the variety of activities in Southern Oxfordshire countryside will make you feel like you actually have gone back in time.

Of course, as well as this, there will be all the usual attractions of an agricultural show. Cattle, sheep and poultry will be on display as well as show jumping and a heavy horse display. Kids can learn more about farming in the main tent where there will also be an exhibition about where food comes from and how it reaches our plate.

In today’s world of processed and pre-packaged food, it’s more important than ever that we try and educate the younger generation in the proper ways of preparing and presenting food. There will also be some cakes and other goodies to enjoy too.

Tickets for the event cost about £30 for a whole family, which is really pretty reasonable for a whole day out. Single tickets are priced at £12 per adult and £6 for kids. Children under six get in for free.

Just like Midsomer, the Henley Show has a timeless appeal that crosses and spans the generations. People have been coming together for this event for well over a hundred years. Now that’s timeless appeal.