It’s that time of year when you can hear young lambs gently bleating in the villages in South Oxfordshire fields – a heartening sound which is synomonous with springtime in England.

And what better place is there to see these magnificent creatures take their first faltering steps than the Earth Trust Farm in South Oxfordshire’s lovely village of Little Wittenham!

Located in the type of scenic countryside which is so beloved of Midsomer Murders film crews, the farm is flinging open its gates on 24th and 25th March to let the public take part in some super lambing weekend activities.

Kids will love to take part in the tractor and trailer rides and scale the hay bales but a visit to the lambing shed will surely be the main draw.

Most lambs will begin standing within an hour of their entry into the world and sometimes need to be bottle-fed if they are rejected by their mother.

If you miss this lambing weekend then you can always make arrangements to attend the next one on 31st March and 1st April and there are plenty of other Earth Trust activities going on during the spring.

On 4th March there will be a chance for adults to engage in some woodcraft around the camp fire at the farm; making spoons and other useful implements.

Kids will be able to find out about bush-craft and build some shelters at the Easter Clumps Club on 2nd and 3rd April and early risers can take a dawn-chorus stroll around Wittenham Clumps on 29th April with an expert in the field of birdsong.