A few months back, we featured a profile of Midsomer Murders star Neil Dudgeon who revealed that he was good at cooking, suffered from vertigo and thought that he might have been rude as a young man. All very informative and interesting stuff. And now it is the turn of Gwilym Lee, 30, who plays DS Charlie Nelson in the show.

Gwilym was also talking to the Daily Express and also revealed a love of cooking, more specifically baking. We also found out that his biggest regret in life was not becoming a professional skateboarder although he admitted at the age of 30, the dream was probably over.

Gwilym Lee’s favourite tippleDespite having a Welsh name and Welsh parents, Gwilym was actually born in Birmingham and considers himself a Brummie. He loves hiking and camping, and has a weakness for a pint of beer or two.

He currently lives in London, which he gets around on a classic Pinarello bike, although his favourite place in the UK is Llangennith on the Gower Peninsula, a beach that is great for surfing and has a wonderful campsite behind the dunes.

A nice little insight into one of the newest members of the Midsomer Murders team, and a very popular choice he has proven to be so far. Which makes the fact he is still single even stranger.

It’s good to get to know the actors behind the characters in the show, and if you want to get to know the locations featured a bit better, then you need to head over to Southern Oxfordshire where the majority of the scenes are filmed. Thame, Wallingford and Henley all feature regularly in the show, and are just as beautiful in real life as they appear on screen.