This week sees some exciting news in Midsomer with the revelation that a new arrival is due in the upcoming series. As Midsomer returns to our screens in the coming months, Barnaby and his wife Sarah will be celebrating the news that she is pregnant.

The news, released via the show’s Facebook site this week, says that baby Barnaby will be making an appearance later in the series. The baby was written into the show when actress Fiona Dolman, who plays Sarah, got pregnant in real life.

Baby Madeleine Charlotte was born in July and single mum Fiona said: ‘I didn’t think I’d ever have a child so I feel very blessed. I am very happy to bring up the baby on my own as I have incredible support and love from my family. Everyone on Midsomer Murders has been so supportive and lovely. I went back in October to film the fifth episode and Neil was very excited for me.’

She added: ‘I’m sure the Barnabys will be good parents as they are both practical and have a good relationship of equals. They share a fundamental set of values and approach problems in a similar sort of way. The only problem is whether Sykes the dog feels he has been usurped by the newest member of the family.’

The new addition to the show, filmed largely in Southern Oxfordshire, will be most welcome and is sure to go down well with Midsomer Murders fans. Although, whether all the late nights and early mornings might affect Barnaby’s ability to find clues and solve cases remains to be seen. Solving murders and changing nappies don’t generally have a lot in common but it is safe to say that both aren’t particularly pleasant.