So, we know you’ve all been in suspense since last week’s first part of the list - us Midsomer fans do love a bit of suspense. We also know you’ve probably been thinking about last week’s choices and either agreed or were furious that your favourite episode wasn’t included.

Well, don’t be too upset, as this week we are bringing you part two of the list, so there’s still a chance your best ever Midsomer episode made the cut. And if it still hasn’t, remember it’s just a bit of fun. Don’t go plotting any kind of grizzly retribution, Midsomer style. Just keep telling yourself, it’s only a TV show, it’s only a TV show…

We are using the same methods as last week’s blog. In case you missed it, this was to take the results of online polls of the best ever episodes from and and combine those with the favourite ten episodes of the original DCI Barnaby himself, John Nettles. So, here they are.

Dead in the Water

This episode really showed off its Southern Oxfordshire locations to great effect. Set against the backdrop of a rowing regatta (like we famously have in Henley each year) this is a real fans’ favourite and even featured a little cameo from none other than Sir Steve Redgrave. The energy from all the sporting activity really rubs off on this episode.

Ring Out your Dead

Is there a more English tradition then bell ringing? This episode really chimed (geddit?) with viewers. Who knew that bell ringers could get up to so much mischief? The added sub-plot of the hundred-year-old murder committed supposedly by the vicar at the time, made things even more exciting.

Written in Blood

The first episode proper after the immensely popular pilot, Written in Blood really established Midsomer as a firm favourite on ITV. The murders are based around a writer’s circle that has been visited by famous writer Max Jennings. When one of the group is murdered, the investigation is made even more intriguing when Jennings himself disappears.

The Maid in Splendour

A murder set in the quintessential English institution, the local pub. A row is erupting over plans to turn the pub into an upmarket eatery, which hasn’t gone down well. Now we know that people take their pubs seriously but to kill for it…? But you are watching Midsomer Murders so anything can happen.

There you have it, the most popular episodes as voted for by you, the public, and our very own John Nettles. We know you probably have your own favourites but we’re sure you’ll agree that all these episodes featured are pretty fantastic.

Now, for the really exciting news. To celebrate Jason Hughes working on his 50th episode entitled ‘Written in the Stars’, a brand new episode will be screened on 25 September at 8pm on ITV. All we know is that it is guest starring Maureen Lipman and Ace Bhatti and is sure to be yet another classic to add to the Midsomer canon. DO NOT MISS IT! It might just be your new favourite.