OxTrails promotes the local area’s fabulous food, great outdoors, literature connections, history and film locations.

If you want to explore a bit more about the real life area providing the scenic backdrop to your latest ‘Midsomer Murders’ episode these maps, themed trails and suggested itineraries are a terrific starting point.

For smart phone users there are free apps available for apple and android phones. Get the OxTrails maps and day itineraries along with suggested activities - the app lists everything from taking to the skies gliding to olive oil tasting, WWII bunkers to blockbuster movies. In fact it’s the perfect accompanyment to your ‘Midsomer Murders’ short break.

Visit the OxTrails website for more information or use the links below.

Waiting to be explored…

OxFood covers local delis, breweries, tea rooms and food experiences.

OxHistory covers battles, castles, museums, spies and industry

OxOutdoors covers fishing, flying, riding, gliding and investigating.

OxLiterature covers printing through to reading in a cosy corner.

OxFilm covers Oscar winners to lunchtime telly and back.

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