Things are always happening in the world of Midsomer Murders, and the last few weeks have been no exception. The main bits of news we need to bring you are that filming for series 18 has wrapped up and that one of the show’s main writers has released a new thriller, which is sure to be a great read.

Fictional poster for Alien Tour

Alien Tours Poster

Series 18, which started filming earlier in the year, is set to contain all the classic Midsomer elements but add a little something extra. News has been coming out, and reported in these pages, that at least one episode will feature an extra-terrestrial plotline – a first for the show, and a professional cycle race.

There has also been some news about guest stars, new characters and plot developments involving Barnaby (possibly involving a new member of the team). We won’t spoil these for you – you’ll just have to wait and see when the shows launch in the new year.

However, we can tell you that as usual, the show has been filming on location in and around Southern Oxfordshire’s many top spots. So residents of Henley, Nettlebed and Wallingford need not worry if they think they have seen UFOs flying overhead. It’s almost certainly just something to do with the show (although we’re not ruling anything out).

Although filming has wrapped, the show now goes into post-production and it will be a while before it hits the screens in the UK and abroad. However, if you’re looking for your fill of murder and mystery in the meantime, then check out the new novel by long-time Midsomer Murder writer Douglas Watkinson.

Douglas’ new book is called Evil Turn and is the latest instalment in his Nathan Hawk mysteries. Previous chapters include Haggard Hawk, Easy Prey and Scattered Remains.

Douglas has contributed to numerous episodes over the years, including Faith Unto Death, Death in Disguise, Blood Will Out and Down Among the Dead Men. His latest effort Evil Turn is available on Amazon and in all good high street retailers. It should fill the void of great plots and compelling murders until the new series is ready for air.

And if that’s not enough, you could always pay a visit to southern Oxfordshire over the winter period to the numerous filming locations and attractions that have links to the show. Just browse through our previous posts to find more information.