The influence of Midsomer Murders can be felt far and wide. From the obvious reverence of shows like The Killing (with whom MM teamed up for its 100th episode) to almost any murder mystery show that has aired since its 1997 premier. However, until now one sphere of influence where Midsomer has had little impact has been TV aimed at the younger market.

Of course, the show has plenty of younger viewers, but it’s not exactly designed for the trendy 16-25 demographic. Although a new show on E4 (a station that almost exclusively caters for that age bracket) is revealing a debt to MM. In fact, some reviewers seem to think it is almost a homage to Midsomer Murders re-rendered for generation Y viewers.

Glue, as the new show is called, tells the story of six young friends living in a fictional village whose lives are turned upside down when one of their numbers is murdered. Hmmm, rural, murders…sound familiar?

In fact, one of the cast, Jordan Stephens (one half of the successful Brighton hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks, making an acting debut) says of the show: ‘When I explain it to my friends back home, I tell them it’s like Midsomer Murders without the OAPS’. We’ll take that as a complement (although we could do with less of the ‘OAPS’ thank you very much young man).

The show has been getting very positive reviews, although it probably won’t make it to 100 episodes. But you never know. It’s set in rural Berkshire, which although pretty and being right on the doorstep, is no match for our glorious Southern Oxfordshire. (Although we do have to admit that some scenes for Midsomer have crossed the border into Berkshire when filming.)

So, even after all these years, Midsomer is still exerting an influence, even on the younger generation. Although if you think about it, born in 1997 that would make Midsomer around 17 – the perfect age to be a bad influence.