Regular readers should hopefully need no reminding that Midsomer Murders is filmed in the Southern Oxfordshire region of the UK. Since the show first aired back in 1997, it has been showcasing some of the best landscapes, villages and architecture that the area has to offer.

UK viewers will probably know that most of the locations are based in the quintessentially English countryside about an hour north-west of London. However, these days Midsomer Murders casts its net a little bit further afield. One of the most widely exported British TV shows of all time, it is popular across the world, from the US to Australia and plenty of countries in between. There is even a Belgian fan club that makes a pilgrimage to the area once a year.

If you look on the Midsomer Facebook page, there are countless requests for more information about the show. Silvana Pavani asks ‘when do we see the new episode in Italy please?’. Well that’s a very good question Silvana and unfortunately one for which we don’t yet have an answer but hopefully it will be soon.
However, Su Heslop has written on the Midsomer wall: ‘A friend is asking where it’s filmed?’. Well Su, this is one question that we can answer. For anyone who doesn’t yet know, either in the UK or around the world, the show is filmed almost exclusively in the Southern Oxfordshire area and surrounding counties. The town of Causton in the show, the base for Barnaby and co, is actually split between the real life market town of Wallingford and Thame.

So, for anyone who enjoyed the most recent episode, Wild Harvest, and was curious about where they could find such beautiful places in real life, now you know.