Regular readers of this website will well know that the town of Wallingford stars in Midsomer Murders as Causton, the fictional home of so many of the grizzly deeds. You might also know that Wallingford is a pretty lively place in its own right, albeit without the tendency for bumping off a large percentage of its residents.

The next upcoming event in the town, which was also home to murder mystery legend Agatha Christie for the last several decades of her life, will be hosted by Wallingford Museum. There will be medieval themed activities and entertainment during their Family Day on Saturday 15 August from 11am to 4pm.

The main activities to be held on the day include your chance to meet with a medieval knight, who will be demonstrating his weapons and armour, as well as offering you the chance to get your hands on some of them too. The display will also involve a comprehensive talk through the weaponry, armour plating and what it must have been like to wear all this into battle.

You’ll also have the chance to have a go at medieval pottery, as well as perusing an exhibition of local pottery finds from medieval times. There are some very rare medieval pots in the collection, many of which would have been made in the local Southern Oxfordshire and Wallingford area. There will be some local pottery experts on hand to talk you through the collection too.

To give you some idea of how finds like these are discovered and unearthed, there will be some archaeology sand pits being dug on site, and kids are encouraged to have a go at hunting for some local treasures.

There are also going to be some special exhibitions organised by the museum, including this year’s Wallingford’s Royal Castle Revealed and Magna Carta and All That!. The museum is also home to a permanent Agatha Christie exhibition and fans of the show will love the Midsomer Murders displays, recently enhanced by artefacts from the upcoming 18th series.  You can even put your knowledge of Barnaby and chums to the test in an interactive quiz.

Find out more about Wallingford Museum’s Medieval Day by visiting their website. It’s sure to be a great day out for all the family and especially for anyone who loves Midsomer Murders. After all, it’s not every day that you get to meet a knight and visit some of the filming locations of your favourite show.