Looking for events near London then visit Mapledurham Water Mill in scenic South Oxfordshire during National Mills Weekend on the 14th and 15th May.

This mill is located in the grounds of Mapledurham House in the village of the same name and during its 500-year history has had many claims to fame.

Today it is the only operational mill on the Thames still producing high-quality flour – delicious bread available for sale on the big weekend will be made from this flour.

It also has a place in big screen history after starring in the 1976 film ‘The Eagle Has Landed’. The film’s producers thought that the mill would provide a dramatic location for the scene in which a local girl is rescued by a German paratrooper; they were right!

The small screen also has an association with the mill as it appeared on the opening credits of the BBC TV kids’ programme ‘Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab’ as the hidden location of the secret lab.

And don’t be surprised if some hard rock fans make a pilgrimage to Mapledurham on the 14th and 15th May as the mill building can be seen behind a mysterious figure dressed in black on Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut album.

Visitors to the mill can look around both floors of the mill to get a fascinating insight into how it works.

Most events near London require a road journey, but in this case you can always enjoy the boat service which runs from Thameside Promenade in Reading to Mapledurham on opening days.

Just watch out for that mysterious figure dressed in black - it’s not an extra for Midsomer Murders.