Some of the Best Locations on the Midsomer Murders TV Series

Maybe some of you already know about Midsomer Murders. Midsomer Murders has been quite famous for a long time. This film first aired in 1997. And has a fairly long episode that reached 127 episodes. If seen from the number of episodes, you all know this is called a tv series is not a movie.

Some of the Best Locations on the Midsomer Murders TV Series

This film series is quite popular, almost 98% of people watching who like this film. Though the story presented to the audience is not a romantic spectacle, but rather a kind of film that tells a murder case.

This detective story is enough to attract many viewers at that time, and for those of you who have never watched it, you can look for it on several watching or DVD sites because it is certain that the film is still widely sought after by the wider community.

In the film, there are many mysterious murder scenes that occur in various locations. The best locations for the film are nearly dozens, as below:


This place is quite popular and is considered the best place on the Midsomer Murders show. Wallingford is a market and also a city on the banks of the River Thames. Much can be done in this place such as trading transactions, and secret meetings because of the crowd.

Mapledurham House

The second location that received much public attention was the Mapledurham house. Many say this location is actually still occupied by a family.

Henley on Thames

Henley on Thames is a location that is very popular with many people for tourism. Location that looks like a lake or dead water can be for you to row a boat to enjoy the atmosphere of that location.


Chinnor is a steam train station that is quite historic in the United Kingdom. Around the location of the station there are many beautiful village-style shops.

Dorchester on Thames

This location is a village not a city. In this location there are old church buildings from the middle ages. In fact this place was also used as a home of the British music festival.