About the Popular TV Series Midsomer Murders

If you are a movie lover, we have one recommendation that can be used as material for your viewing. This film is indeed not a new film, but has become a legendary film that has been aired since 1997. As in the title, here we will discuss about the British tv series titled Midsomer Murders.

Midsomer Murders is a film inspired by Inspector Barnaby’s book. The book was adapted into a film by Anthony Horowitz. This film adaptation has been well received by the public since the first episode.

About the Popular TV Series Midsomer Murders

This film has been distributed throughout the country so do not be surprised if this TV series became a popular spectacle at that time. It’s not just the book, this film is quite interesting. Filming moves from village to village with various criminal case stories.

In the story a lot of imagination and mysterious stories that make people curious. The film is played by John Nettles (Detective Chief Inspector) and Neil Dudgeon who is also a detective.

This film has been running since 1997 and the 21st series has just aired this year in 2020. Many actors have changed but the storyline shows do not make this film broken, but increasingly popular.

Many murder cases that occurred in various places and almost all of them are beautiful villages. During 21 Series there were 124 episodes with various interesting stories in them. Many come to great actors to play an important role in this one film.

Popular film Murder of Midsomer Murders

The murders that occur in the scene are not all tragic. There is a dark humor in the murder scene like for example a woman who died because of being killed with a cheese wheel. It was unimaginable beforehand that this could be an interesting murder scene.

The film uses many different locations, such as at Six Bells, bars in Warborough, Oxfordshire, the village of Turville near Henley, and other places that are still a village. For more, if you are curious, you can start watching from the first to the last series that recently aired.