Popular Locations on Midsomer Murders Tv Series

Popular Locations on Midsomer Murders Tv Series - Many of you must know that the world has a quite varied film genre. The storyline presented has different themes and more. Not only the genre of romance and horror, the audience also likes mysterious storylines such as murder.

The most popular TV series that tells about murder cases and detectives is Midsomer Murders. This is an old film in the 90s, precisely in 1997 in the first episode. This TV Series airs up to 127 episodes and attracts a lot of public attention.

Popular Locations on Midsomer Murders Tv Series

Almost all people like this one film because the story line is quite interesting and not boring. The detective story that solves the murder case has a tense atmosphere while watching it.

Because of its popularity, almost all the actors and shooting locations of the killings are known to be visited by many people to capture the location.

Previously, we discussed several locations, and now there are additional locations that may be close to where you live:


Thame is a city known for its unique British classical style buildings. In the Midsomer Murders film in this place there are many detectives walking around the store to investigate a case. In this scene you can see many shops and streets that look beautiful.

The Chilterns

This one location is in South Oxfordshire. This place is used as a shooting location in the murder scene in Midsomer Murders. Not like urban areas but like village fields that offer extraordinary beautiful scenery.


Stonor is a rural house that is quite attractive to viewers in the film Midsomer Murders. This house is in the northern part of Henley. You can visit to enjoy the rural atmosphere with large fields.


This location is one of the murder locations in the film Midsomer Murders. This location is in a village of South Oxfordshire that has beautiful views with church buildings from the 15th century.