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Writing in the Radio Times - 14 June 2013 - Paul Jones reminds us that Henry Cavill, Britain's first Superman in the latest big screen interpretation Man of Steel, cut his teeth in our own Midsomer Murders in 2003 episode The Green Man. Don't forget us now you're famous!

Paul writes:

Who knew idyllic Midsomer was a stop on the route to Hollywood? Well it turns out the first ever British Superman, Henry Cavill – currently in cinemas as the Man of Steel himself – was once a guest-star on the ITV whodunit series.

Cavill played cocky youngster Simon Mayfield in 2003 episode The Green Man, and while that chiseled jaw is unmistakable even beneath the shock of curly hair, that’s pretty much all this character has in common with the heroic Kryptonian...

Superman would never push an old man about – and he could definitely beat a fox in a fight. Then again, you could argue it would take a superman of sorts to make a parked car bounce around as vigorously as the one in this scene. We doubt that's Lois Lane in the back seat, though…

Superman would never threaten to drive over an old man either, or let someone point a gun at a pensioner.

Superman certainly wouldn’t drink-drive. And he'd never meet his end like he does here – bullets famously bounce off the Man of Steel. Oh, unless they're made of Kryptonite – but good luck finding any of that in Midsomer...

See Paul's Radio Times article here


Published 24th June 2013

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