Midsomer Murders: a sizzling Danish hit All news
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We were delighted to learn about the popularity of Midsomer Murders in Denmark. It seems the Danes can't get enough but is it the characters, the plot lines or the glorious South Oxfordshire locations that keep the Danes tuning in? 

The Telegraph says:

Denmark swaps Nordic Noir for Midsomer Murders - even if it does send fans to sleep

The Guardian says:

Midsomer Murders keeps Danes glued to TV

RadioTimes says:

Why Denmark is swapping The Killing for Midsomer Murders - The cosy British whodunit is the best-performing imported TV show

Kaare Schmidt of Danmarks Radio, the Danish equivalent of the BBC, tells RadioTimes.com "it beats everything the competition can come up with, and has been doing so for 12 or 13 years, as long as it’s been around". He put the English drama's success down to its quaint setting and leisurely pace, which he said was "comforting for viewers."

So now we know!

Published 24th June 2013


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