It seems it has been a very happy Christmas indeed for all involved at Midsomer Murders. First of all, the show’s continuing popularity was marked by reaching 100,000 likes on their Facebook page. In an age where social media is increasingly important and reflective of a wider general presence in the social sphere, such a milestone is no mean feat and indicative of the show’s place in people’s hearts.

Then on 1 January the show’s star Neil Dudgeon celebrated his birthday (we won’t give away your age Neil but will say that you’re still looking in fine shape). Neil celebrated the day with an appearance on This Morning on ITV (where they even made a Midsomer themed cake for Neil to enjoy).

Later on in the same day he appeared on BBC Radio 2 on Steve Wright’s show. You can listen to the interview on BBC Radio 2 on BBC iPlayer (fast forward to about 1 hour 38 minutes in). Neil discusses the show and his career to date but perhaps more importantly, he talks about the new episode of Midsomer Murders that was screened the following day on 2 January. What better way to spend the day. Happy Birthday Neil.

The new episode called ‘Death and the Divas’ was received very favourably by fans and had all the makings of a classic Midsomer episode (see pic – don’t worry , it’s not a vampire movie!)

We won’t give anything about it away in case you missed it first time round. It’s sure to be repeated on ITV’s channels in the coming weeks. Or, because we don’t want you to miss it, you can watch it online here for free. Don’t say we never do anything for you. We hope you enjoy it.

If all that is not enough, if you want to get a look behind the scenes at the making of ‘Death and the Divas’, including some lovely shots of sets and locations and revealing interviews with cast and crew, go to the Midsomer Murders Facebook page . Some of the locations featured in the episode included Adwell in Oxfordshire and Littlewick Green, Berkshire.

So, what a way to start the New Year for all the fans of Midsomer. Let’s hope that the future episodes coming up this year are as exciting and intriguing. Of course, if you can’t wait for the new episodes, you can always settle down for the night with a box set and catch up with your favourites. Or, there are several older episodes to watch on the ITV player.

From all of us here, we wish you a very happy New Year and hope you can join us again throughout 2013 to catch up on all the latest Midsomer news and gossip.