Are you brave enough to sign up for Midsomer’s Iron Distance Triathlon? If you’re not competing in this year’s Challenge Henley Iron Distance Triathlon then you could always do the next best thing and take a leisurely walk or cycle along the beautifully-scenic route the cyclists will be tearing down on September 18th.

Or you could even take a gentle paddle in the water the swimmers will be splashing through on the fiercely-contested first leg of the competition.

The course winds its way through the heart of South Oxfordshire’s Midsomer area. As many as 1,500 Speedo-cap wearing swimmers will await starters’ orders before undertaking a 3.8k swim on Henley-on-Thames’ Royal Regatta Course.

This is the place where they filmed the rowing scenes in the film The Social Network.

Then it’s time for a 180k bike ride which will cut through the breathtaking countryside of the Chiltern Hills – an area of outstanding natural beauty which has 6,500ft of ascending and descending hills for the cyclists to traverse!

Unfortunately they will be travelling too fast to fully appreciate the quaint villages they will be travelling through – places like Nettlebed, Bix and Checkendon.

The 42k run then takes the field through the most picturesque part of Henley to the quaint village of Remenham and on to the village of Aston, with sadly no time to stop at the Flower Pot Pub there.

When Henley’s Temple Island summerhouse comes into view again, the athletes know they are near journey’s end – they have 16 hours to complete the Challenge Henley Iron Distance Triathlon course before the finishing line is packed away.

So who will win? Names to look out for include World Duathlon champion Annie Emerson, but if you’re looking for a long-shot there is always 75-year-old Garth Barfoot.

Garth is coming all the way from New Zealand to compete! All you have to do is grab a relaxing weekend break near London and watch the athletes take on the challenge.