Fancy drinking a pint of Midsomer Ale after a day walking the Midsomer Trail in a genuine Midsomer Murders location? Well, this might sound too good to be true for fans of the show, but it’s a genuine possibility at The Argyll in Henley.

The pub is located right in the heart of Henley’s historic Market Place, and is one of the oldest pubs in the town, maintaining the traditional pub style that many others have unfortunately lost.

The Argyll was featured in the 2006 episode ‘Last Year’s Model’, in a scene where DCI Barnaby and DS Jones meet up with a clinical psychiatrist friend to discuss a case. There’s even a brass plaque to mark the spot. And to further celebrate the pub’s association with the show, they’ve even stocked up on their very own Midsomer Ale.

Midsomer at The ArgyllIt’s a 3.9% ABV brew with a fine balance of sweetness and bitterness that finishes with a subtle hop character. It’s a distinctive beer with a full and satisfying finish – so, not unlike the show itself. It’s made by Hardys and Hansoms Kimberley Brewery in Nottinghamshire.

Neil Ainsworth, landlord at The Argyll says of the beer: ‘Midsomer Ale is now our fastest growing draft sales product, people love it’. And really, we’re not surprised. Neil encourages anyone who pops in for a chat about the show to try a tipple and says that some people have even suggested renaming it Barnaby Bitter. If you’re really lucky, Neil will even let you pour your own pint and pose for a photo.

Southern Oxfordshire has very strong ties with Midsomer Murders and it’s great that local businesses associated with the show choose to celebrate it in imaginative and exciting new ways. So why not pop down to The Argyll and have a pint of Midsomer yourself?