Over the last few years, Denmark has been producing some of the best TV in world. The Killing and The Bridge have been gripping TV audiences across the world and in the UK. This new breed of ‘Scandi Noir’ revels in atmosphere and tension, gripping audiences from start to finish.

Dorchester-on-ThamesHowever, in Denmark itself it seems audiences prefer their TV a little less gritty as the news has emerged that our very own Midsomer Murders is once again the most popular programme in the country.

Denmark’s biggest TV channel DR1 reports Midsomer is one of the best rated TV shows in Denmark. According to the head of DR1, Kaare Schmidt, the success of Midsomer lies in its leisurely pace and quintessentially English setting.

For more than a decade Midsomer has been winning the Saturday night ratings battle with a consistent 30-40% share of the audience and nothing the Danes can do, including their award-winning crime dramas, can touch it.

It seems that the ‘beautiful but deadly villages of Midsomer’ set in our own back yard of South Oxfordshire, has a lasting appeal to the Danes. And they know a thing or two about good drama.

Kaare Schmidt went on to add that one of the reasons Midsomer is so popular is because audiences can fall asleep to it. We think something may have been a little lost in translation here.

Midsomer is hardly a snoozefest by any stretch. What we think Schmidt was trying to imply is that the show offers viewers something comforting and warm, a show that they can trust. It’s hardly likely to have won a ratings war for over a decade if no one has ever been awake to see the ending. At least we hope that’s what was meant.