Finding Causton
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Causton sits at the heart of Midsomer County. Wallingford-South-OxfordshireIn real life Causton is a combination of  South Oxfordshire market towns. 

is a riverside town of narrow 9th century streets, half-cobbled square and Elizabethan town hall. The river Thames at Wallingford is spanned by a 16 arch bridge and makes a splendid entrance to the town. Wallingford’s 16th century town hall hosts the tourist information centre. The local history museum offers a glimpse of the past with an audio commentary walk through time in the Wallingford Story.

There are six churches well worth a look for their history and architecture. St Leonard's churchyard is a managed wildlife reserve. The 19th century corn exchange is a theatre and home of the Sinodun players. It doubles as Causton theatre and the amateur dramatic group often provide extras for episodes of Midsomer Murders. Queen of English crime writing. Agatha Christie, lived and wrote in Wallingford. She is buried in nearby Cholsey.

William the Conqueror crossed the river at Wallingford in 1066 and ordered a bigger castle to defend the settlement. Only the castle ruins remain today; a victim of bitter fighting during the English Civil War. The castle was the last Royalist stronghold to surrender to Oliver Cromwell after a 65 day siege. Cromwell ordered its destruction.

Visitors choosing to arrive by boat will
find Wallingford moorings on either side of the river Thames. Find out more in-depth information about Wallingford's past, present and future. Download this leaflet to learn more about Wallingford's Midsomer Murders connections.

Thame is a traditional marketTudor building on Thame high street town with a weekly street market, monthly farmers market and regular livestock market. Legend has it that Shakespeare visited the High Street during his time as a strolling player.Thame town hall regularly features as Causton town hall in the series.

The town museum traces important events and personalities connected with Thame including patriot John Hampden and James Figg, the world's first boxing champion.







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