If you’ve seen Midsomer Murders then you know that the locations are one of the stars of the show. Stunning Southern Oxfordshire and the surrounding area create evocative and beautiful backdrops for the grizzly goings on.

However, there is also something a little familiar about the scenery on the show. Not does it represent the quintessential English countryside but it’s also been the inspiration for a number of other artists and entertainers over the years. Not least J.M.W Turner, perhaps the greatest British landscape painter of them all.

Turner paints DorchesterMany of his works featured Southern Oxfordshire landscapes, including some of the towns of Abingdon, Wallingford, Dorchester and Goring.

Combining the countryside with screen again, a new film of Turner’s life is set to hit our cinemas this month. Like Midsomer, the scenery will again take centre stage on the screen as the film focuses on the last part of Turner’s life when he painted extensively in the area. It seems like as well as inspiring modern TV audiences, Southern Oxfordshire has similarly been inspiring Brits for centuries.

The film, called Mr Turner, has been written and directed by Mike Leigh and stars Timothy Spall as the title character. It has already received wide acclaim, with the premier taking place at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in the year. Spall also picked up the Best Actor crown at the festival. Cinematographer Dick Pope also won a special jury prize for the look of the film. Not to do Dick’s work down, but with such stunning raw material it might be safe to say he had a little help.

So, if you want to see Southern Oxfordshire in even more glory, go to the cinema and check it out.