As fans of murder mysteries, we can never truly acknowledge the debt owed to Agatha Christie. She was, is and always will be the undisputed queen of the genre. In fact, so great is her legacy that many of our favourite fictional detective characters, including both of our beloved DCI Barnabys, may never have even existed.

Of course, as most of you probably know already, Midsomer Murders has an even bigger connection to Christie than most. Visiting Southern Oxfordshire you won’t find the town of Causton – but in the series it’s actually the real life town of Wallingford, the place Christie called home for much of her adult life.

For fans of Christie, and there are plenty – she is widely regarded as the best selling author of all time (with sales of nearly four billion only the Bible has sold more copies than Christie’s books) – you can go on a walking tour of the town and experience life as she must have done. The Dame Agatha Christie Trail takes you through Wallingford, past all the points of interest in Christie’s life.

You will pass the former Corn Exchange, now the home of the amateur dramatic group the Sinodun Players. Christie was their president form 1951 until her death in 1976.

You can even pay your respects at her grave at St. Mary’s church, Cholsey. It is a beautiful small town and you can really get a sense where she obtained some of the inspiration for her locations and characters.

Of course, for fans of Midsomer, walking in Southern Oxfordshire on this trail has an extra special meaning, as you may be able to spot several of the main locations for the show. In many ways, the fact that Midsomer is so popular both in the UK and around the world is a fitting tribute to the very best murder mystery writer of them all. If in some small way, Midsomer can carry on her legacy of thrilling and entertaining, then it makes it all worthwhile.