Whether it’s picking up a newspaper, turning on the television or trying to join in a conversation at the water cooler, it’s hard to escape talk of royal weddings at the moment.

And Midsomer Murders seems to be following – or is it setting? – the trend of wedding-themed television with its latest murder in midsomer episode which aired on Wednesday, April 20th.

It was only a matter of time before the new Inspector Barnaby investigated a wedding-related killing; previous Midsomer Murders series have featured episodes including Four Funerals & A Wedding and Blood Wedding.

In real life, South Oxfordshire, where much of Midsomer Murders is filmed, has many churches and great venues to hold marriage ceremonies.

Dorchester Abbey, the parish church of the lovely village of Dorchester-on-Thames is one such venue -and easily grand enough for royal weddings. The village was a filming location in Four Funerals & A Wedding and the church will be a busy location for Dorchester Festival events (blogs about which will be appearing soon).

If you’re looking to stage a wedding at Temple Island in Henley-on-Thames then you should book early – this beautiful spot, the prettiest landmark on the Henley Regatta rowing course, is set near rolling meadows and is always much sought-after.

Nearby Bix Manor is a more-than-adequate back-up should Temple Island be fully booked. The manor’s manicured lawns are the perfect place to pitch a candy-striped marquee tent for a wedding reception.

But where is the best place to have a Midsomer Murders-themed wedding? I can think of no better place than the bustling market town of Wallingford; ‘Causton’ in the series. The George Hotel, a 16th Century coaching inn, is the perfect place to stage the speeches and toasts which follow the marriage ceremony.

The happy couple might even bump into Neil Dudgeon if the Midsomer Murders filming crew are in town! Royal weddings go a lot smoother than than those in the series, and with a murder in Midsomer at least once a week, there are far fewer for us to enjoy.