Apart from the odd murder (ok, there have been well over 250 of them), the county of Midsomer is a fairly sleepy place. Unless you’re working for Causton CID – like DCI Barnaby and DS Jones who are perpetually solving crimes – there never seems much else going on in the county.

The real life county of Southern Oxfordshire where most of the series is filmed, however, is a hot bed of activity. In fact, if there were was as much activity in the fictional world of Midsomer as there is in South Oxfordshire, perhaps there would be fewer murders. People would simply be too busy, out and about at all the events. Poor old DCI Barnaby and DS Jones might even have time for a holiday. Although, we do have to say it might make the show slightly less riveting to watch.

In case you’re not sure what we mean, here’s a very brief run down of some of the events coming up over the next few months. We’re sure you’ll agree there’s enough going on to make any potential Midsomer murderer forget all about the dastardly deed.

This weekend is, of course, the Diamond Jubilee and there is loads going on in Henley and across the region. There’s the Party in the Park on Monday 4 June before the Jubilee beacon is lit. Then there is an exhibition of pictures at Watlington, in St. Leonard’s Church, and a dance party with live music at the Watlington Memorial Club. There’s flower arranging in Benson, a celebratory barn dance in Hambleden and a Jubilee dance in Nettlebed, amongst many other events.

Not every weekend is as special as the Jubilee, of course, but there is still loads going on throughout the summer.

The Olympic torch is coming to Henley and will make its way along the Thames towards London, following the course of the Royal Regatta. The Regatta itself will take place in early July and is a great place to see some top international rowing in the run up to the Olympics.

Then there is the Henley Swim events and the Henley Festival and Youth Festival. Taking place over five evenings, the festival is a celebration of all types of music, including pop, jazz, rock, blues and classical. It’s an event not to be missed. There’s also 80s music revival festival Rewind, featuring some of the pop world’s biggest names, taking place in August.

As you can see, there’s enough there to keep anyone busy. And it’s all going on with activities in Southern Oxfordshire lasting well into the summer.

Maybe someone should suggest to Causton CID that if they organised a few more big events, they wouldn’t have their hands so full with unsolved murders.