It’s a top Midsomer Murders fact that Thame in South Oxfordshire is the second most featured filming location across the years of the show since 1997. Second only to Beaconsfield, more external shots of the town have been used than anywhere else. When you scale that up to millions of viewers across 193 countries, then Thame becomes a very famous market town indeed.

Causton Town Hall sign

Thame Mayor Nichola Dixon beside the new Causton Town Hall sign

That’s one of the main reasons why so many people want to visit and also the driving force behind all the articles about the town we publish on this site. That and the fact it’s a beautiful place, of course.

Keen to capitalise on the town’s fame, Thame’s contribution to Midsomer Murders has been recognised with a new plaque on the front of the town hall. This exact location was chosen because it has doubled up as Causton town hall, the town where Barnaby is based in the show. It has cropped up in episodes including ‘Not in My Backyard’ and has become a regular spot on the Midsomer Tourist trail.

Now, visitors in Thame have the perfect place to take a selfie. Fans of the show can take their picture next to a plaque featuring an emblem and the words ‘Causton Town Hall’. As Thame Town Hall is a listed building the sign is not permanent so pop into the Information Centre and tell them you’d like a selfie. They will temporarily place the Causton Town Hall sign over over the existing Thame Town Hall sign, recording your visit to the real Causton.

Other Thame locations that have featured in the show include the old Thame information centre, The SpreadEagle Hotel, The Black Horse and the Tuesday Market. On your tour of the town, you can visit them all and start building a comprehensive Midsomer selfie collection.

There are also a number of other blue plaques in the Thame. WB Yeats, John Fothergill and Henry Boddington are just three of the famous names that have been honoured. And now Midsomer is among them. So why not come and get your picture taken?

If you’ve really caught the selfie bug, then 30 minutes drive away is Henley and The Argyll pub. Numerous episodes of the show have been filmed here too, with it being the favourite spot for the old DCI Barnaby (played by John Nettles) to enjoy a pint. In fact, the bar staff will even let you have a photo taken behind the pump. That way, you can show all your friends back home and tell them you poured a pint for Barnaby.

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