Something strange is happening in the world of Midsomer Murders. Something deeply unsettling and weird. For the first time in nearly twenty years and 18 series, no one died during the show. That’s right, creepy isn’t it?

Actors Gwilym Lee and Neil Dugeon in Midsomer Murders

Gwilym Lee and Neil Dudgeon filming series 18 at The Crown Inn, Benson

For a show that’s renowned for its unsentimental dispatching of characters and guest stars in usually grizzly or unusual circumstances, the fact that no one was bumped off in the episode caused quite a stir in the media.

Despite the usual plot twists and turns, and an intricate story about bodysnatching, no one was actually ‘murdered’ per se during the show. It was a first, and perhaps a deliberately tongue in cheek move by the writers and producers which caused a suitable amount of upset in social and traditional media circles.

One fan even claimed a breach of the ‘trades descriptions’ act for the fact no one was killed. And even one of the show’s stars, Gwilym Lee, took to Twitter to apologise to the ‘bloodthirsty’ fans for no nasty killings, saying: ‘We’ll make up for it in the rest of the series’. However, there were other fans who were delighted with the unexpected turn of events, claiming that they loved the show and thought it was great.

The episode was the first of the eagerly awaited 18th series. It saw the debut of new character Dr Kam Karimore, played by Manjinder Virk. Upcoming episodes, which feature scenes filmed in Wallingford, Henley and Nettlebed involving UFOs and cycle races, are sure to return the murder element of the show.

In the past, the show has featured an average of two murders per episode, making Midsomer the most deadly county in the country. It has been reported in this blog that at that rate, Midsomer would have a higher murder rate than Honduras, making it the most murderous place on the planet. And that, it seems, is exactly why fans love it.

So, expect the unexpected in Midsomer. Anything can happen. From killer bulldozers, runaway blue cheeses and wine bottle catapults, to no murders whatsoever.