Ever wanted to try and solve one of the Midsomer Murders all by yourself? Of course you have. That’s why you watch the show. And if you’re one of the types that sits there smugly halfway through an episode claiming to have worked out what went on, then now is your chance to prove it.

That’s because a new Midsomer Murders special edition of the classic murder mystery board game Cluedo is due for release in February. The game will give you the chance to use your powers of deduction to solve the crime. And guess what? No one is above suspicion in the game. DCI Barnaby and Sarah Barnaby are both suspects, as is Sykes the dog.

In the game, the body of a wealthy businesswoman called Elizabeth Jones has been found dead at Badger’s Drift (keen eyed readers will remember this as the name of Caroline Graham’s original book and the first ever episode of the show way back in 1997). Of course, the police suspect foul play.

According to talk in the village, Elizabeth had big plans to do with property development and had ruffled plenty of feathers with her ambitions for Midsomer. Are you able to use your skills to help Causton CID solve the murder? And can you figure out what the murder weapon was and where the killing took place?

Wallingford Town Hall

Wallingford Market Place and Town Hall

Basically, it’s the classic Cluedo format given an extra Midsomer edge. The game is suitable for players over the age of eight, so the older kids can get in on the fun. It’s priced at £29.99 and available for pre-order on Amazon and through other retailers.

Some of the murder locations in the game are based on places where killings have happened in the show. So that means that our very own South Oxfordshire will feature too. As much of the show is filmed in and around the region, including Henley-on-Thames, Wallingford and Dorchester. You may even recognise some of the locations in the game, which will give it an extra dimension of reality.

So, if you’ve ever fancied yourself a ‘supersleuth’ keen to emulate Barnaby, or know someone that does, this could be the perfect way to spend an evening – especially if there is no Midsomer on the box.