With the news that Midsomer Murders will film its 100th episode in Copenhagen, teaming up with Danish hit dramas The Killing and Borgen, it seems that Denmark has developed an interest in all things Southern Oxfordshire.

You may have seen on this blog earlier in the year the news that Midsomer is once again the highest rated show in Denmark (with a 40% share of the audience figures no less) and now journalists from Denmark’s national papers have descended on Thame.

As many of you will know, Thame frequently doubles up as Causton, the fictional town from the series. So, to capitalise on this fame, the South Oxford district council invited Flemming Haslund from Jyllands-Posten to explore the area.

Mr Haslund undertook his tour in a MGC roadster and as well as visiting Thame, stopped in at Wallingford, Ewelme, Warborough, Dorchester and Henley.

He was given the Midsomer guided tour of the area, including Barnaby’s favourite pub – The Six Bells in Warborough. Being a fan of the show himself, Mr Haslund said: ‘Barnaby is massive in Denmark so the opportunity to tour Barnaby country in a classic MG was really exciting for me.’

He added: ‘South Oxfordshire is gorgeous. I had lovely weather, met very friendly people and I can see why the producers keep coming back to film here. It’s perfect.’

Councilor Judith Nimmo-Smith said that the location tours for Midsomer Murders were very important to the area. She was even so kind as to mention this very site as a reason for some of the visitors heading to Southern Oxfordshire.

Councillor Nimmo-Smith said: ‘We see regular coach visits coming from Germany and Denmark and evidence of more bookings for local tour guides, hotels and B&Bs using a Midsomer Murders connection.’ Well, we’re only too happy to help.