If you are suffering withdrawal symptoms after months of not hearing the beautiful Old Etonian voice of cricket commentator Henry Blofeld on the radio airwaves then fear not; ‘Blowers’ will be giving a talk about his life in cricket on Friday 8th July.

An Audience with Blowers and Bly will take place in the Cornerstone Arts Centre in the South Oxfordshire town of Didcot, deep in the heart of Midsomer Murders’ filming territory.

Henry, now 71, will share the stage with his good chum John Bly, the Antiques Roadshow expert.

But ‘Blowers’, who was given his nickname by Test Match Special colleague Brian Johnston, will be the star attraction during the evening and audience members are sure to give a cheer the first time he utters his “my dear old thing” catchphrase.

Henry’s cricket commentaries typically feature long discourses on the number of pink shirts in the crowd, pigeons, cranes and the quality of the cakes which listeners have sent to him. Occasionally these eloquent philosophical ramblings are interrupted with his sharp insights into the events of the match he is covering!

The commentator’s malapropisms and mispronunciations have endeared him to different generations of cricket fans; all of whom are happy to forgive him sometimes referring to England cricketer Ryan Sidebottom as ‘Ryan Stringfellow’ and Monty Panesar as ‘Monty Python’.

With the cricket season now in full swing, what better time to hear some anecdotes and words of wisdom from a man who so vividly brings the game to life.

And if you do attend this evening, be sure to bring some cake!