Bookworms are counting down the days to the Henley Literary Festival – events connected with the festival are taking place from Friday 23rd September to Sunday 2nd October 2011. With talks from writers such as Alan Titchmarsh, Ulrika Jonsson and Larry Lamb (you might not realise these celebrities can also write!) the festival’s writers come from a wide range of backgrounds.

But politics is definitely one of the main themes of the festival which takes place in a town which is a popular filming location for Midsomer Murders.

On the Thursday, Sky newsreader Kay Burley will be at Bix Manor, a 17th century manor house set in a six-acre garden, reading from her new novel; a work of fiction whose main characters are a prime minister called Julian Jenson and his wife Valerie.

It’s a story which might have Sarah Brown wondering who exactly the couple is based on. Sarah, wife of former PM Gordon Brown, will be at the Kenton Theatre just three hours later talking about how she committed her real-life memories of Life inside Number Ten to paper.

Coincidentally, her husband’s former chancellor, Alistair Darling will be at the same theatre at the same time the following evening to talk about his book The Crash. I wonder if his story and Sarah’s will match up?

Rather more impartiality will be expected from newsreader Peter Sissons when he takes his turn at the Kenton Theatre podium on Friday lunchtime to promote Television Tales – an autobiography which is unlikely to endear him to many of his former BBC bosses.

Perhaps a lot of the festival’s writers have found it easier to get their views across on the written page rather than on the TV screen or political stage.