Well, it’s the middle of June and technically summertime. Although you wouldn’t know it. Look out the window and there are rain clouds and miserable grey skies. In Wales and other parts of the country there has even been some pretty severe flooding. All in a summer when we have been promised a drought. Once again, the unpredictable British weather seems to have got one over on the weather forecasters.

Here’s hoping that at some point soon the sun comes out and we get a little bit of nice weather. And not just because sunshine makes everyone that little bit happier but also because we are rapidly closing in on Midsummer’s Eve.

Not to be confused with Midsomer, the fictional Southern Oxfordshire town from the series, Midsummer is the day in the year when the sun is in the sky the longest. For us that means the 21st June – the longest day, the solstice and Midsummer’s Eve. After that night, rather depressingly, the nights start to draw in again (albeit slowly). So, for that reason, it would be nice to have a few long, hot summer evenings before it starts getting dark early again.

If you’re looking for another way to celebrate Midsummer, then the Cornerstone Arts centre in Didcot might have just the answer. Their Feast of Midsummer is an evening of story telling and dinner, all inspired by the history of the night. Sit around as myths and legends are retold and Celtic-tinged songs take you back to ancient times, when it was an important date in the calendar.

Midsummer was famously a time for witches to meet, to embrace heeling and to enjoy a little spot of revelry. There’s no reason why it still can’t be the same (perhaps without the witches part though).

The evening (actually to be held on 17 June rather than Midsummer itself) includes all the entertainment, as well as a meal with dessert and wine. It’s sure to be an evening where folklore and food combine to create a night to remember. Tickets are available from the box office.

Of course, you can always celebrate Midsummer in your own way as there’s always things to do in Southern Oxfordshire. But, if you’re not a local, invite a few friends round, make a great meal and settle down for a Midsummer evening with a Midsomer Murders box set for company. Is there a more appropriate way to celebrate the night than with a little touch of the mysterious and macabre? Whatever you do, we hope the weather changes to be a little more favourable. It can’t rain forever. Can it?