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Visit Midsomer is an independent website developed by South Oxfordshire District Council to help visitors to discover the locations filmed for the TV programme.

Tolkien poems mystery solved

Here in South Oxfordshire, we are no strangers to clues being discovered, mysteries solved and the truth unveiled. This is Midsomer Murders country after all

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New guided walking tour of Henley launches 2016

More great news for fans of Midsomer Murders and the glorious South Oxfordshire area where it’s filmed, this week. To coincide with English Tourism Week

Classical music in Southern Oxfordshire

The iconic theme tune to Midsomer Murders, composed by Jim Parker, is a moderate and mid tempo waltz. It features the unusual electronic instrument known

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Henley Festival 2016 line up announced

No sooner has Christmas come and gone, the New Year starts and thoughts turn to headline acts as the summer festival line-ups are announced. In

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2015 South Oxfordshire filming locations

Over the last decade, the British film industry has been enjoying something of a renaissance - from British made films winning Academy Awards in the

Murder at Thame Town Hall

It’s a top Midsomer Murders fact that Thame in South Oxfordshire is the second most featured filming location across the years of the show since

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Murder on two wheels

The latest episode of Midsomer Murders, screened in the UK on Wednesday 27 January, was called Breaking the Chain and set against the backdrop of

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Midsomer Murders Cluedo board game

Ever wanted to try and solve one of the Midsomer Murders all by yourself? Of course you have. That’s why you watch the show. And

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Midsomer no Murders?

Something strange is happening in the world of Midsomer Murders. Something deeply unsettling and weird. For the first time in nearly twenty years and 18

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New series of Midsomer hits UK TV Screens

Can you believe, it’s 2016, which unfortunately means that it’s January again. But fear not because this bleakest of months just got a whole lot