The new producer of Midsomer Murders has promised that series 15 will reveal more about the personal life of Detective Sergeant Ben Jones.

The news that Jones has a life outside investigating murders in Midsomer might come as a bit of a shock to viewers who thought there was less to Inspector Barnaby’s long-suffering sidekick than meets the eye.

But producer Jo Wright has warned that the new series, which kicks off with The Dark Rider on February 1st, will illuminate Jones’ hidden depths.

Jo, whose previous credits include Doctor Who and Silent Witness, said: “I really like Jones and Barnaby’s relationship, there is definitely a bit of a bromance going on. They’re a bit Holmes and Watson, and there is a great chemistry between then, both on and off set. So I hope to explore that a bit more and in episode two, we see that Jones does indeed have a personal life!”

Jason Hughes, who plays Jones, definitely approves of his character being developed. He said: “You see a bit more of Jones and find out what makes him tick. I’ve loved it as an actor because it’s given me a new set of emotional tasks.”

Jones’ emergence as a fully-rounded character isn’t the only change being rung by the new producer. Jo Wright said: “I’m bringing in themes to some of the episodes such as The Dark Rider which is all about war in relationships.”

Jo has also set up a Facebook page which features Sykes Cam – footage filmed from a camera set up on the collar of Sykes the Dog.

These are certainly a lot of changes but thankfully the new series is still set to feature some stunning South Oxfordshire countryside as filming locations.

We’ll let you know all about the locations featuring in the new episodes very soon!